3 reasons why rejection is not bad for you

3 Reasons Why Rejection Is Good For You

Being rejected sucks. We’ve all been there whether we applied for a job or met someone we thought would be our Prince Charming.

I lost count how many times I’ve been rejected over the past few years. Every time when an email from a prospective employer landed in my inbox and started with words ‘Thank you for attending the interview. Unfortunately you haven’t been selected…’, I would feel tears coming to my eyes. I cried and wondered why it happened to me again. Was I not good enough for the role? Didn’t they like my answers? Was it the way I dressed?

Similarly, when I started dating someone and they decided to ghost me after a few dates, I blamed myself. I felt insecure. I overanalysed each text message and conversation I had with that person and tried to understand what I did wrong.

Now, when I’m 31, I’ve realised that rejections aren’t that bad. Yes, they’re still painful but in their own way, they’re good for us. *What? I hear you screaming.* Well, here is what I’ve learnt so far.

3 reasons why rejection is not bad for you

“It’s not you, it’s them”

Yes, you’ve got rejected but it doesn’t change who you are. Don’t blame yourself. Stand tall and remember that you’re a great person. Think about what you’ve accomplished so far. Someone didn’t want you but it’s ok. It’s their loss not yours.

Something wasn’t meant to be for you 

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Don’t give up! Sometimes we have to get through the worst to get to the best.

It’s your chance to grow 

Don’t see rejection as a bad thing. Did your interviewer give you any feedback? Use it. Explore different paths. Take a break from dating to gain a new perspective (I’m on one right now. It really helps). Take a course to gain new skills, etc. Everything will work out in the end.

How do you handle rejections? I’d love to hear your thoughts.