nail mistakes women make

Common nail mistakes women make

I think you’ll agree with me that freshly manicured hands are really attractive. In fact, I recently treated myself to a professional manicure as part of my pursuit to have a proper ‘me time’ at least once a month.

When I left the salon and looked at my freshly done nails, I’ve realised how neglectful I was towards them in the past few weeks. Oops…. That fact actually inspired me to do today’s post and talk about common nail mistakes women make.

nail mistakes women make

Sporting chipped nail polish for days

I think there’s nothing more ugly than chipped nail polish. It’s actually my biggest pet peeve.

Skipping base coat

I’ve made a mistake of not wearing base coat under darker nail polish in the past. I learnt my lesson after being left with stained nails. The stains faded away after a few days but it wasn’t a pretty sight.

Using a metal nail file

Although metal nail files are available in pretty much every manicure set, you shouldn’t use them. They are more abrasive than emery boards or glass files and can cause nails to split.

Cutting cuticles

Cuticles protect the base of the nail from bacteria and fungus. You should NEVER cut them. If you want to neaten your cuticles, you should apply cuticle oil and push them back with an orange stick.

Biting your nails

People bite their nails for many reasons. Although it’s often a method of stress relief, we can’t deny that it’s a nasty habit.

Picking your nails

We often pick at nail polish when it starts to chip. While it may sounds like a ‘cheap’ nail polish remover method, it’s actually very damaging to nails. When stripping off nail polish, you tear off the top layer of your nail.

Using nails as tools

I’m guilty of using my nails as tools to open cans, scrape stickers etc. This is a bad habit that puts stress on your nails and causes them to break.

Are you guilty of these mistakes?