tips to combat dry winter skin

How to combat dry winter skin

Chapped lips, dry skin, and cold and numb fingers … Does it sound familiar?

Winter is definitely my least favourite time of year. If I could, I’d hibernate until the end of March.

As harsh weather and overexposure to central heating can leave our skin looking dull and flaky, here are some tips to help you combat dry winter skin.   

How to combat dry winter skin


I can’t stress enough how important it is to regularly moisturise your skin. The lack of humidity during the colder months dries out your skin and strips it of natural oils. So, leave behind the light moisturising formula and try a richer cream instead. If you have an oily or combination skin, look for an oil-free moisturiser that includes alpha hydroxy acids which will help control oil to provide balanced moisture.

Choose a gentle, fragrance free cleanser

Wash your face with a fragrance-free, moisturising cleanser or gel. Also, avoid astringents that contain alcohol.


When the winter sets in, your skin becomes dry. Never peel it off! Use a mild scrub once or twice a week to remove dry, dead skin and reveal a glowing complexion.

Apply a lip balm

The moment winter shows its first light, your lips start to get dry. Keep a lip balm handy so that you can apply it whenever your lips become dry.

Moisturise your hands

Take extra care of your hands. Make it a habit to moisturise them after every wash.

Use a sunscreen

Many people believe that sunscreens should only be used during summer. However, the UV rays are harmful even on darker and dreary days.

Drink plenty of water

Hydrate from the inside. Drinking plenty of water will help your skin remain supple.

What is your skincare routine during winter?