How to inject some colour to your wardrobe

How to Inject Colour to Your Wardrobe

I’ve recently looked back at some of my old photos and came to the conclusion that I can’t stop wearing bright outfits. As I’m a firm believer that colours can lift our mood and make us look 10 years younger, today I wanted to share with you a few tips on how to inject some colour to your wardrobe to break out of the black rut. Of course there’s nothing wrong with wearing black if this is what you’re most comfortable in ūüôā

How to inject colour to your wardrobe Start small 

If your wardrobe consists of only black, grey and white, I understand that the idea of wearing bright colours may be daunting. Don’t worry. You can start small by looking for bright accessories like shoes, jewellery or handbags that will certainly jazz up any outfit.

Know your body 

While it’s true that black has a slimming effect, you shouldn’t steer clear of colours. Familiarise yourself with your body and use colours to accentuate the areas which you like the most.

Mix and match 

If you’re nervous about wearing one colour from head to toe, mix bright hues with neutral shades. For example, a colourful skirt will look great with a white top.

Wear colours that are compatible with your skin tone

If¬†you’re not sure what colour to choose, do a small test and hold different coloured tops near your face. The right colour will lit up your¬†eyes and make your skin look healthier. Make sure you do¬†the test under bright natural light for best results.

Be confident

Confidence is key. I’m sure that whatever colour you choose, you will rock the look.

What’s your favourite colour? How often do you wear it?

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