A unique coaching program to help you create your own luxurious personal brand & style to attract your dream clients with ease.

The online world can be very noisy and at times you may feel like it’s impossible to stand out from your competition but…

Do you know what the number 1 thing that will set you apart from the crowd is?

YOU! (or as most business owners call it ‘YOUR personal brand’)

Your Personal Brand is the secret weapon that will help you attract ideal clients that can actually afford what you have to offer so that you can finally start to make the impact you had hoped for.

I know you are your own worst critic. You listen to the snarky voice in your head, which tells you that you are not pretty, skinny, smart or good enough

You have so many brilliant ideas but the fear of showing up online leaves you feeling paralysed.

You lurk in Facebook groups but never share your expertise because you worry someone will laugh at what you have to say.

You are petrified about doing a livestream because you hate the way you look and the sound of your own voice makes you cringe.

You neglect your social media because you never know what content to share.

Business doesn’t have to be this hard, I promise! When you learn to look in the mirror and smile at your reflection, you gain the power to create a personal brand that helps you make the money you deserve. You have the power within you to show up as an expert right now and shine through the crowds so clients pick you over your competition.

So if you’re ready to say goodbye to your inner mean voice, create irresistible wardrobe and powerfully show up online, then I want to introduce to you my flagship 1:1 Branding You Coaching Program!

This program is designed for ambitious women, just like you, who are ready to step into their business as a powerful CEO with a flawless Personal Brand and image to match their income dreams – a brand that feels totally authentic to them and attracts clients that can’t wait to pay.

Whether you are launching your own business or taking your digital empire onto the next level, I will show you how to dress for success, transform your mindset and let go of insecurities so you feel fabulous in your own skin and create a personal brand that leaves your clients requesting to know more about your products or services instantaneously.

What you wear and how you act manifest how you feel on the inside and how you feel on the inside is a direct reflection of the success you create on the outside. Let’s work together to uncover your inner confidence and create your own personal brand so you can up-level your business and personal life.

At the end of this 8 weeks’ program you will

  • Feel confident about how you look, stop shying away from camera and start attracting the clients that need you the most
  • Say goodbye to your inner mean girl and fall head over heels in love with who you are so that you can become the leader and influencer you were born to be
  •       Consistently magnetise your ideal clients with ease by discovering your own style and crafting your own Personal Brand that is authentic and unapologetically you
  •       Create an irresistible wardrobe, gain confidence when shopping for clothes, and finally get pumped to take branded pictures and make yourself (and your business) more visible than you ever have before
  •       Learn how to finally feel empowered when dressing up in the morning and not hate what you see in the mirror so you consistently show up for your business and start making more money as a CEO
  •       Have an organised wardrobe full of amazing clothes that show off your personality and attracts the right ideal clients that you deserve
  •       Become a walking billboard for your brand and attract more business to you by learning how to be more aware of your personal style, grooming, and body language
  •       Finally stop avoiding events, networking, podcasts, or live interviews because you’ll be styled and prepared for all the opportunities that will start coming your way
  •       Stand out from a sea of entrepreneurs, make a compelling and powerful impression, and let the clients roll in
  •       Finalise your unique and compelling message for your business that leaves potential clients saying ‘she’s the one for me, I’m in!

Program features:

  •       One 75-minute in-depth consultation to clarify your needs and establish a plan of action (valued £175)
  •       One 60-minute style personality, colour and body shape analysis so you discover your own style and dress with confidence to attract the right ideal clients that you deserve (valued £350)
  •       One 120-minute wardrobe de-cluttering (in-person or online) so you open your wardrobe in the morning and see endless outfit possibilities that make you feel confident, empowered, and successful (valued £500)
  •       One 50-minute session on personal top-to-toe grooming so that you learn the tips and tricks to look radiant even on days when you want to hide behind your computer screen (valued £150)
  •       One 120-minute personal shopping trip (in-person or virtual) so you create an irresistible wardrobe and finally get pumped to take branded pictures and make yourself (and your business) more visible than you ever have before (valued £595)
  • 3x 50-minute coaching calls helping you to overcome insecurities, build confidence, deal with limiting beliefs and gain clarity on what you want to do and why so you embrace your quirks, stand out from the sea of entrepreneurs and consistently magnetize the clients who can’t wait to work with you
  •       Your own personal Lookbook so you never have ‘I have nothing to wear moments’ again (valued £99)
  •       Unlimited Voxer/email support during the duration of the program (Monday to Friday) so you can ask questions, stay accountable and receive guidance when you feel stuck


  •       Instagram makeover session so you get clear on what to share and learn the tricks and tips to grow the platform as a confident leader (valued £250)

Price £1299

Payment plans are available upon request (2 payments of £649.50)